Raw Food Diet | Should You Eat Like An Ape

Eat Like Apes With a Raw Food Diet

raw food dietSome people say that a raw food diet is not right for anyone. The argument is that we were designed to eat meat therefore we should eat a lot of it. However, according to evolutionary biology we know that we have a lot in common with the great apes. In fact, in comparing our DNA with the apes, scientists are continually finding identical genes. There are differences of course but we still share about 99% of our DNA with the great apes. So it makes sense that following a diet similar to what they eat can be quite healthy for us.

All of the great apes including chimps, baboons, orangutans and gorillas, eat a raw food diet which is rich in raw fruit, raw leaves, shoots, insects and nuts. The concept of eating cooked foods and a wide variety of grains is unique to humans. Many experts that include dieticians, doctors, and scientists believe that if we eat a diet that is similar to that of our ape relatives, we would see major benefits to our overall health. After all, it is the diet we are best adapted to. The diet of the great apes, however, does have some important limitations and we need to be aware of these limitations so we can compensate for it.

Where is the B12

A raw food diet lacks a source for B12. The apes have evolved to compensate for this by eating insects along with the fruits, shoots, leaves and nuts. Chimpanzees collect and eat termites, and they are high in vitamin B12. If you know anything about a vegan diet you know that insects are definitely not on the menu! Bacteria is the source of Vitamin B12, so you can go ahead an pas on the insect snacks. I’m sure you’re not at all disappointed by that fact! You can simply get B12 from commercial fortified foods and supplements.

Vitamin D

Exposure to sunlight is very important and that is a source of vitamin D. The modern human tends to remain indoors a great deal, especially during the winter. So, while our ape relatives bask in the African sun, we need to be sure to get our vitamin D from foods fortified with the vegan form of Vitamin D which is known as D2 (Ergocalciferol). Taking this Vitamin D supplement will make up for our limited light exposure. Another way to compensate is to take a trip to a sunnier place during the winter to get your vitamin D naturally. Children have a lot of bone growth going on in their bodies so they need plenty of vitamin D. Breast feeding can be one of the best ways to insure infants get enough vitamin D. But, that only works if the mother has enough vitamin D in her diet.

Processing Foods

Processing food, which includes cooking, has led to big changes in how our digestive systems work in comparison with the great apes. Some argue that we have adapted to rely on processed foods. In some cases, cooking and other processes are good. Cooking can eliminate some foods natural toxins, and release some nutrients. The best way to cook foods  are steaming food or boiling it. This way of cooking improve some nutrients, while do only minimal destruction to others.

No Wheat

One food group to try to avoid are the refined grains. There has been a lot of research to support the assertion that grains may increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes. Some people are allergic to gluten, which is in found in many grains and the worst one is wheat. If you want more information about why wheat is not good for you check out the Wheat Belly book. Whole grain rice is a grain that you can eat and is very nutritious.

How to Eat Like an Ape

While we may have some differences from our ape relatives, following a raw food diet similar to theirs can be nutritious, beneficial, and require little to no cooking. If you try this type of diet make sure you get adequate vitamins, and avoid anything you might be allergic to, but the overall long-term health benefits are outstanding.

10 Great Reasons to Eat Raw Food

Eat Raw Food

eat raw foodOur ancestors learned thousands of years ago that it was a very good idea to eat cooked meat rather than raw. Since then, we have gotten out of control by applying that same cooking idea to all foods. Except for salads, most western people don’t eat raw food very often. But recently as we have been getting more education about healthy eating and how diseases like diabetes, heart disease and strokes can be prevented there is a new focus on raw foods.

What I’m saying is that we should be eating more fruits, vegetables and nuts that taste good just as Nature intended them in their raw state. That is a big change for most people, and in order to make that change you should really know exactly why you should eat raw food. Why is a raw food diet good for you.

Here are 10 good reasons why you should eat raw food.

1. Raw Foods have a higher nutritional value that cooked foods. Cooking food destroys some vitamins, protein and fat. It can even break down enzymes in the food which are there to help you digest them.

2. Raw food has more flavor than cooked food. Because of this you can add fewer flavorings like salt and spices, which can irritate your stomach and digestive system as well as being too stimulating for the liver which serves to detoxify the body of these seasonings which it recognizes as being toxic.

3. You will feel more satisfied sooner when eating raw foods because the water and fiber content is higher than in cooked foods. This means that you can eat less food on the raw food diet which is one reason why people find eating a raw food diet can help them lose weight.

4. Raw food recipe preparation is safer! You won’t burn yourself while preparing raw food! Also, it is much less likely that you would burn your house down in a kitchen fire because you won’t be cooking!

5. Low maintenance! If you don’t enjoy spending hours preparing meals in the kitchen you will love the simplicity of the raw food diet. Your children can even get involved in preparing raw food and that way, they are more likely to eat it!

6. There is not as much cleaning up after preparing a raw food meal. You can compost your leftovers and you won’t have greasy dishes with baked on food to have to scrub clean.

7.  A raw food diet has been shown to have a overall positive effect on chronic diseases like cancer and heart disease and it is great for your overall health because with a raw food diet you don’t have problems caused by free radicals which are created in the cooking process.

8. A raw food diet gives you excellent natural protection against common colds and flu a s well as even less common illnesses. A raw food diet can help to keep your body in great shape and working well. You are also less likely to have to deal with digestive disorders like gas, heartburn, constipation and indigestion.

9. The raw food diet is environmentally friendly. It helps organic and local farmers and fewer energy resources are used because of the lack of cooking the food or transporting it thousands of miles. There would be less pollution from delivery trucks and airplanes which helps lower the greenhouse effect.

10. You can save money when you eat raw food. You will not only save money on food but also on energy bills because you are not using as many appliances. You will pay less for medical bills too.

When you eat raw food you can save your body, save your money and save the planet.

Juice Extractor Product Reviews – What To Look For In A Review

These days the interest in juice extractors has actually gotten higher than usual. When it comes to juice extractors, you will find that the most reputable ones are the ones made out of stainless steel and not the ones made of plastic material.

Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juicer

This is by far, among the cheapest juicers in the market these days. Even so, its also popular due to the fact that of its effectiveness in juicing vegetables and fruits. Numerous owners of this particular juice machine, based on their juicer product reviews, like its durability and also that it still works even with prolonged use. It’s suggested that you simply clean this juice machine after use to stay clear of a few bits of juice from getting stuck on the inside. This really is a fantastic juice extractor for people who like to juice oranges, celery, and other ingredients that don’t contain a bunch of dietary fiber. If you are planning to utilize more fibrous ingredients, you better buy something that will do the task much better.

If you are looking at a website that is reviewing the juicer, then the product needs to be compared to various other products in regards to performance as well as cost. Unique features of each and every such item must end up being pointed out, as should all the disadvantages. Overall, the best juice machine review articles consist of well balanced views about the functions and technology in the juice machine.

Pretty much all juicer manufacturers definitely will inform you that their product is definitely the absolute best and that it gets you the greatest percentage of juice from your produce. This really is most likely where juice extractor product reviews are generally the most useful, because you can get the viewpoint of real people that have made use of a particular brand or model and they can tell you when the advertisement is right or just a scam.

A lot of juicer makers have actually introduced their own product in the marketplace. Some new brand names utilize some low quality spare parts that decrease the durability and efficiency of the juice machines. Juice extractor reviews will surely offer concepts about the life of the juice extractor. Nobody would like to put money into something that does not last for very long and requires repair frequently. Investing a few bucks more with something that works well and lasts a long time is going to be a great choice.

Juicers are used to take out juices from veggies and fruits and in addition they help individuals to maintain their health and prevent different wellness linked issues such as hypertension, cholesterol troubles and different heart problem. You should consider reading different juicer reviews that come from people in all areas of the world who have actually purchased and used it.

One also must consider the efficiency of juice machines. Juice extractor product reviews give suggestions concerning the operation of different juicers whether or not they operate perfectly with all the current fruits and vegetables or tend to be particular. Some juice extractors might not work together with difficult vegetables or fresh fruits, and could cost very much. But, if you enjoy juice from solid vegetables and fresh fruits, it is not gonna serve you in the right way. Juice extractor product reviews, therefore is constantly going to save your time and money.

Authentic individuals typically provide information about their encounters with the product, particularly in the event that these kinds of experiences have not been good. While there can be faulty items about, it is not likely that the majority of the juicers about which such negative reviews have been composed, happen to be substandard. However, this kind of juice extractor review articles can assist individuals to concentrate on those highlighted drawbacks while purchasing, and verifying that the juice extractor that they happen to be purchasing does not have these defects.



What is a Vegan Diet

There are a huge variety of phrases and slang terms that are used to describe a healthy lifestyle and often it is almost impossible to determine exactly what is a vegan diet and what it is not. In order to fully understand what a vegan diet is, it is vital that you be conscious of what is expected.

The main difference between a Vegan diet and that of a typical person is primarily the lack of meat consumed. Many people believe that vegetarians will still eat dairy products and other similar foods. While it is correct, this is a major difference between vegetarian and vegan. People who are true Vegans do not eat any animal related products, they do not encourage the consumption of animal related products and they also do not wear any animal related products. This would include items such as milk, yogurt, butter, eggs, leather clothing and also anything that can cause harm to animals during production.

Many people believe that Veganism and Vegetarianism are the very same thing. However, those who are vegetarian will consume animal related products such as eggs, milk, dairy, yogurt and other similar foods that do not particular cause the animals life to be in danger. Meats are still avoided though. This is a significant difference from a Vegan diet which doesn’t allow the consumption of such foods. Many people discover that Vegan is something that is far too strict for them to abide by on a normal basis and instead opt for a vegetarian lifestyle instead. In order to really determine which type of lifestyle is best for you and your family, you would need to look over your typical eating habits.

Choosing to live a Vegan lifestyle is not always easy. It can make things a bit complicated when it is time to plan meals, as well as will typically involve a bit more planning ahead since you will not be able to easily pull everything for meals straight from the freezer. While it is still possible to use some frozen foods in the Vegan lifestyle, many fruits and vegetables simply do not taste the same once they have been frozen. If this is a problem that you are encountering it may be necessary to invest some money into planting a garden that you can use to obtain many of your foods so that they will always be fresh.

It is not necessary under any circumstances to think that you absolutely must take the time to grow a massive garden as well. Many people work with only a small garden growing a very limited supply and quantity of foods until they are able to devote more space to their homegrown foods. What becomes a frequent problem is many people do not realize that they really can start their garden with only a small supply. If you wait until you have the room to add a massive garden you will be severely discounting many of the delicious benefits that really are possible to achieve.

By making some small steps and changes to your lifestyle you might find that working on a vegetarian lifestyle is much easier for you to handle initially. This can make a great starting point when you are working to move to a healthier vegan lifestyle for your entire family. If you are busy trying to ensure that you are fully aware of all of the benefits then knowing all of the differences between vegetarianism and veganism is very important. Working to improve your health as much as possible is extremely important and really is possible as long as you take the time to really study your options. A healthy lifestyle is possible, even if you are not comfortable with the idea of converting over to an entirely vegan way of life.

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Essential Factors In Juicer Reviews – Locating Advice

On the web juice machine reviews, is there a great reason why one should review them?

The task of purchasing a juice machine is complex, if you are like me, you actually would like a guide to assist you with the procedure. Stainless juice extractors happen to be more money than those produced from plastic materials, but the perks regarding them all make it worth every penny. However, should you be sure that you’ll continue to juice, get a stainless steel juice machine.

The Facts – Black And Decker Juicers

The JE2200 is a model which is known to have great performance in the kitchen. If you value simpleness, then this juice machine created by Black and Decker is made for you, as you are able to quickly assemble it and start making juice. You are able to fit it anywhere, since it features a tiny form . Do not wait around to clear out the juice extractor, accomplish it immediately after you are finished making juice. You do not wish to get juicing debris building up inside, and that is the reason why you need to thoroughly clean it immediately. The feed chute for the vegetables isn’t huge. This suggests, you can solely juice tiny parts which might have you juicing for a little bit longer. Furthermore, this juicer creates a very deafening racket. Mine lasted for two years before it broke.

Make the best choice simply by checking out juice extractor testimonials, so you get a juice machine that you’ll want to utilize every day. Your planned use is very important, in the event you plan on juicing for yourself, consider obtaining a small, stream-lined model. Electronic juice extractors are far more costly than manual juice machines however they provide the very best juicing power in accordance with juice machine review articles. Juice extractor reviews will help you iron out what juice extractor is great and which one should be stayed clear of. Actually pay attention to the benefits detailed inside the juice extractor review, because they would be the items that you simply compare and contrast each one of the juice extractors to.

Hamilton Beach Juice machine Review — Could It Be Worthwhile?

It really is economical, but is it worth the cost? Even so, it’s very well liked due to its efficiency with juicing vegatables and fruits. Resilience is necessary in my experience, and lots of juice extractor reviews point out that this unit, the Big Mouth Juicer, does indeed endure. It’s suggested that you simply cleanse this particular juice machine after use in order to avoid a few ingredients from getting trapped on the inside. It can possess issues with fibrous vegetables. Lots of have found that this juicer can do the actual job, but if you are searching for a juice machine with more choices, go to juicerreview.co.

Nowadays the interest with regard to juice extractors has actually gotten greater than normal. To figure out what model is actually the best for you personally, you can find juice extractor evaluations. In the event it pertains to juice extractors, you’d find that the most trustworthy models are the ones made out from stainless steel and not the ones created out of plastic-type material. If you do not trust me, go read some juice extractor product reviews regarding stainless-steel juicers, and you’ll observe what I am talking about.

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